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20+ Questions to Ask a B2B Website Design Agency

Use these questions to facilitate discussions with potential agencies to ensure they will be a good partner to your company and a good fit for your project.

What’s Inside?

Over 20 essential questions divided into key sections to help you thoroughly vet potential B2B website design agencies.

  • Agency Experience:

    Gauge their expertise and industry experience.

  • Communications and Project Management:

    Understand their communication style and project management approach.

  • Key Technical Factors:

    Technical capabilities, CMS recommendations, SEO, and more.

  • Budget and Timeline:

    Discuss timelines and budget estimates.

  • Handling Website Transitions:

    Ensure smooth website transitions without losing SEO value.


This PDF is interactive, allowing you to fill in the answers during your meetings for easy reference and decision-making.

questions ask b2b website design agency inside

6 Things You’ll Learn by Asking These Questions

This worksheet provides a comprehensive set of questions to help you select the right B2B website design agency. By using these questions, it will help ensure you uncover the true capabilities and fit of potential agencies.

Conduct effective and informed discussions with potential agencies.

Ask the right questions to uncover an agency’s true capability and fit.

Navigate technical discussions about platforms, mobile, and SEO.

Handle website transitions without losing SEO value or continuity.

Make decisions that are backed by both logic and a good cultural fit.

Understand non-verbal cues that will affect the quality of your experience.

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Through this guide, we share our extensive knowledge and experience to help you make the best choice for your business’s online presence.

Amidst the vast sea of generic advice, we offer you the real essentials needed to choose a design partner wisely—ensuring they not only have the design and development chops but also deliver on performance and partnership.