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B2B SEO Strategy & Implementation Plan

Our SEO strategy will help you rapidly increase your organic traffic and align your content to your audience’s needs and pain points. Not only will you drive the right traffic to your site but also enhance your lead generation and improve ROI.

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In just 1-3 weeks, you could be holding

The Most Comprehensive SEO Audit & Strategy You’ll Ever Get

This isn’t some fluffy, auto-generated SEO audit with no real, meaningful insights. This is a comprehensive analysis of your website, competitors, and industry. We leave no link un-clicked in developing a unique SEO strategy that sets you apart, finds areas for optimization and discovers untapped opportunities.

Our SEO Strategy and Implementation Plans are full of actionable recommendations. They are a roadmap to achieving your search goals, covering all bases from strategy to keywords to technical application.

“The SEO plan LaunchSnap created for us has been an invaluable resource for our team. It was literally a map of how to get from where we were to where we wanted to go, and the team has been responsive to the changing dynamic of our fast-growing business. The results speak for themselves. Organic traffic is now our #1 source of site visitors. We own multiple rich snippets and fast-tracked our lead gen.”

Our SEO Strategy Services Have Boosted Traffic & Sales for 100+ B2B companies

More Traffic

Organic traffic is now our #1 source of visitors. We own multiple rich snippets & fast-tracked our lead gen.

— Visible Alpha

Higher Rankings

We gained 250% more clicks and were able to rank on the first page for all of our target terms.

— GaN Systems

Site Mergers

LaunchSnap helped us navigate an acquisition to strategically preserve their SEO rankings.

— Mandiant

Go Beyond Spreadsheets and Charts for Real Results

What’s Included in Our B2B SEO Strategy & Implementation Plans?

Competitor Analysis

Real competitive SEO intelligence, not just automated comparisons.

How does your website stack up? Which of your competitors is leading SEO?

We’ll identify their strengths and weaknesses by reviewing:

  • Visitor traffic
  • Ranking keywords
  • Site structure & content
  • Backlinks
  • and more…

Industry Trends

Custom, relevant trends that matter to your business.

We synthesize the insights from your competitors’ strategies into a detailed overview of the industry-wide SEO landscape to clarify:

  • where the industry is heading from an SEO perspective
  • how to leverage opportunities for improved visibility
  • how to proactively anticipate market changes and SEO trends

Keyword Research

Mapping and strategy, not just keyword identification

In addition to industry keywords, we’ll identify keywords that are unique to your products and services. They are organized into bite-sized, clusters with specific, targeting recommendations.

We look beyond search volume and competition. We evaluate if they will bring in qualified leads and which represent realistic opportunities based on existing rankings and content.

Technical SEO Audits

Find out what you are doing well, what needs to be improved and how to make it all happen.

Content Analysis

Practical advice for boosting engagement and user experience

We’ll analyze your existing content strategy and provide insights such as:

  • Which content is the best performing?
  • Which content represents missed opportunities?
  • Where are your content gaps?
  • Which content is hurting your SEO?

Traffic Analysis

Detailed insights into visitor acquisition and behavior

We’ll dig deep into your site visitors to paint a clear picture of:

  • Who is coming to your site?
  • What are they doing while they are there?
  • What you can do to better engage them?

Backlink Profile

Strategic link-building insights, not just numbers

We examine existing backlinks and flag the ones that are the most valuable to you as well as any that may potentially be doing your SEO harm. We also highlight pages and content that could benefit most from a backlink campaign and potential backlink targets.

On-Page SEO

In-depth optimization tactics, not exhausting checklists

We examine dozens of different metrics from meta titles to duplicate content to header structure. But we don’t just send you busy work, we organize these results by

  • How much effort is required to fix the issue?
  • Is this having a significant, negative effect on your search rankings?
  • Which tasks should take priority?

Off-Page SEO

Guidance for technical issues organized by impact

There are 200+ technical factors that can affect your SEO. We look at them all, including: broken links, error codes, site speed, mobile optimization, canonical errors, and more.

But we don’t just throw a bunch of spreadsheets over the wall. We organize the issues by impact and the effort to fix. So you know how to use your time effectively for the most impact.

Hidden SEO Gems

Revealing unexpected SEO opportunities

One of our favorite parts of doing an SEO audit is finding things we didn’t anticipate. Whether it’s a revamp to your site structure, a potential content campaign, rich snippets you didn’t know you had, skyscraper or local SEO opportunities or something else entirely…we present it all to you in a way that you can run with it.

B2B SEO Strategy

Tired of generic SEO audits full of busywork?

Choose Us to See Real Results.

B2B businesses choose us for our ability to demystify SEO. There’s no magic here, no white labeled platforms or “proprietary” technology. Instead, we use proven, transparent SEO strategies to enhance your site’s ranking and unlock qualified leads through organic search.

We reject hidden fees, inflated timelines, and inexperienced project managers.You’ll engage directly with our senior SEO experts, who not only craft but also execute the analysis and strategy plan. Whether it’s educating your team or aiding in strategy implementation, we’re here to help.

Award Winning SEO Strategies

We are proud recipients of a prestigious Netty Award in Digital Marketing for ‘The Best SEO-Centric Content Strategy’  in recognition of our work with GaN Systems, a semiconductor company. Our results were impressive and included:

  • Attaining first-page ranking for every single keyword on the client’s wish list
  • Increasing impressions by 360%
  • Boosting clicks by 250%
  • Securing multiple rich snippets
  • Dramatically increasing qualified leads
Netty Winner BBB
b2b seo strategy 2024 ebook

The Complete Guide to B2B SEO Strategy 2024

Uncover the SEO trends, practical strategies, and insightful case studies designed to elevate your business. This comprehensive, no-fluff guide, provides the essential information you need to construct and sustain an effective SEO strategy.

Questions? We’ve got answers.

You’ll get a 90-175 page PDF from experienced SEO experts who know how to get results. We give you clear, practical advice designed just for your business, with a full guide on how to improve your B2B search optimization for big impacts. Key sections include:

  • Executive Summary
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Industry Trends
  • Keyword Research
  • Content Analysis
  • Traffic Analysis
  • Backlink Profile
  • On-Page SEO
  • Off-Page SEO
  • Hidden SEO Gems

Our SEO audit services begin at $5,000, with the final cost varying based on the depth and complexity of the content evaluated. Analyzing 10 competitors, for instance, demands more time than evaluating 3, and reviewing a 50-page website is quicker than assessing a 5,000-page site. Our pricing adjusts according to the workload and the specific deliverables you seek.

We suggest contacting us for a tailored quote that aligns with your unique needs and objectives.

Typically, our B2B SEO Strategy & Implementation Plans take 1 to 3 weeks to complete. This isn’t a white-labeled printout from an automated SEO tool. Our SEO audit services are done by a human beings that know SEO backwards, forwards and inside-out. It’s a manual process and requires a lot of focus and attention to detail. Just like pricing, the more complex, the longer it takes.

For clients that are extremely eager to start getting insights, we’ve been known to do a sneak peek at some of our findings. Schedule a consultation with one of our SEO experts and we’ll be able to give you a more accurate estimate of turn around time.

We absolutely can and would be delighted to. However, we would scope out the specific work to be done separately after the initial plan is completed. We can also partner with or mentor your internal team to execute the SEO strategy.

Yes! Absolutely. In an ideal scenario, you would have had us do the SEO Strategy & Implementation Plan before you started on your new website. But now that it’s done, wouldn’t you rather know now if there are issues sooner than later? Or if you need to pivot or missed an opportunity, fixing it sooner is always easier.

Plus, launching a website is only one part of the equation. The results we provide are equally valuable to your content strategy.

For our ongoing clients, we do an initial deep dive and then a smaller checkin review annually.

Our SEO experts handle the entire project: from managing the strategy plan to reviewing the results with you. This means when you have questions, you’re speaking directly to the person who analyzed thousands of keywords to find your solutions. Why would we operate any other way?

You should choose LaunchSnap for your SEO needs for several key reasons. First, our specialization in B2B businesses means we excel in navigating the complex, technical, and niche keywords characteristic of this sector. This is particularly important when it comes to SEO. B2B keywords tend to be long-tail, technical, and even jargon plus they often have very low search volumes. Companies used to looking at keywords such as “basketball shoes” or “dental cleaning” simply aren’t equipped for the manual effort it takes to analyze a B2B strategy that includes keywords such as “how to improve the energy efficiency of a data center” or “data center revenue per MW.” They simply don’t know where to start or how to do it.

Second, we don’t take short cuts. While there are a ton of programs out there, many of which are free or white labeled by our competitors, the results they give are tactical only. They don’t consider the unique nature of your company or connect the dots between you, your competitors and your industry. These automated tools don’t provide any strategy, unique positioning, or content insights… just endless lists of busywork tasks that will have marginal results at best. There’s no magic program for what we do…we do it click by click with decades of practical experience to guide us.

As a result, you’d be hard-pressed to find an SEO Strategy & Implementation Plan as in-depth as ours. We consider every aspect, from strategic positioning to competitive analysis and tactical execution, to create a practical, effective plan. This plan not only aims to enhance keyword rankings but also to generate increased, qualified leads for your sales team.

Finally, our transparency sets us apart. We’ll happily show you how we came to the conclusions we’ve provided. If your team is interested, we’ll show them how to do what we do. We can even stay on board to help with implementation in whatever form works best for your team.

Yes, every SEO Strategy & Implementation Plan we create is unique…made exclusively for your business and to help you reach your goals. Whether you require only a competitor and industry analysis, a comprehensive technical audit of your site, or insights into your backlinks, we are prepared to meet your specific needs. We are here to be your SEO partner, offering our expertise in whatever capacity you require.