B2B Search Engine Optimization

Drive qualified traffic to your website by unleashing the power of results-driven B2B SEO

We’re not your typical B2B SEO agency.

We specialize in demystifying how to unlock qualified leads via organic search. We love diving into the organic landscape of your industry, checking out the competition, and spotting those golden SEO opportunities. We leverage proven and transparent SEO strategies to boost your site’s ranking on search pages. But here’s the real deal: we don’t just drive traffic, we drive qualified traffic that converts into leads.

Our Data-Driven B2B SEO Strategy

To craft a solid B2B Search Engine Optimization Strategy, we kick off with a deep dive into your website and your competitors’ sites. From there, we develop a comprehensive plan that sets you apart in the organic industry landscape. This not only helps uncover optimal keywords but also unveils numerous opportunities for site structure, gated assets, content series, differentiators, and more.

B2B SEO Strategy
B2B SEO Strategy and Implementation Plan
B2b seo strategy implimentation plan mobile

SEO Strategy & Implementation Plan

We then consolidate all this insight into a detailed SEO Strategy and Implementation Plan. It’s not your run-of-the-mill SEO audit full of automated analysis and busywork. Consider it your north star—a full-fledged roadmap to meet your organic search objectives. Whether you opt for our implementation support or decide to tackle it yourself, we’re here to remove the guesswork from reaching and engaging organic audiences.

Award Winning SEO Strategies

We are proud recipients of a prestigious Netty Award in Digital Marketing for ‘The Best SEO-Centric Content Strategy’  in recognition of our work with GaN Systems, a semiconductor company. Our results were impressive and included:

  • Attaining first-page ranking for every single keyword on the client’s wish list
  • Increasing impressions by 360%
  • Boosting clicks by 250%
  • Securing multiple rich snippets
  • Dramatically increasing qualified leads

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Netty Winner BBB

“The SEO plan LaunchSnap created for us has been an invaluable resource for our team. It was literally a map of how to get from where we were to where we wanted to go, and the team has been responsive to the changing dynamic of our fast-growing business. The results speak for themselves. Organic traffic is now our #1 source of site visitors. We own multiple rich snippets and fast-tracked our lead gen.”

Strategic B2B SEO Keywords

When it comes to SEO keywords, it’s not about quantity; it’s about quality. Simply ranking for a ton of keywords doesn’t guarantee more clicks. And just because a high-volume keyword is driving lots of clicks, it doesn’t mean they’re the right kind of clicks that convert into customers. Choosing the right search phrases is crucial for your organic success.

The key is choosing specific, industry-focused keywords that address business challenges. Using long-tail keywords rich in industry jargon not only demonstrates your expertise but also draws the right audience. Additionally, you can often optimize these keywords for rich snippets in search results, which will increase click-through rates and elevate domain authority.

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SEO Rich Snippet

Keywords not matching current offerings or linked to outdated tech shouldn’t be ignored. Optimize for these to attract visitors, then introduce your superior solution.

B2B SEO Conversion Paths

Navigating Conversion Paths:

Turn Clicks into Results

SEO elevates brand presence and domain authority, yet for B2B companies, the goal extends beyond attracting traffic to securing contact details. This requires delivering impactful content and eye-catching CTAs that resonate with the audience and prompt lead generation, all tied to the original search terms used for optimization. The next step involves nurturing these contacts, fostering a relationship through the sales cycle. Let’s bridge that gap!

The Complete Guide to B2B SEO Strategy 2024

Uncover the most recent SEO trends, practical strategies, and insightful case studies designed to elevate your business. This comprehensive, no-fluff guide spans over 25 pages, providing all the essential information you need to construct and sustain an effective SEO strategy.

b2b seo strategy 2024 ebook

From Strategy to Execution:

How We Transform Plans into Actionable Recommendations

Our SEO Strategy and Implementation Plan is like the GPS for your business goals, linking them seamlessly with your content to give a boost to every stage of your sales funnel. It lays out clear actions to take, covering everything from content strategies to on-page SEO and off-page SEO to technical factors that affect SEO. Here are some of the tactics we roll out:

  • Content creation strategy
  • User experience
  • Image & video optimization
  • Backlink analysis
  • Heading & text optimization
  • Site architecture
  • Schema markup
  • Internal & external links
  • User interface
  • Metadata optimization
  • Site Speed
  • Local listings management

Your Metrics, Your Way:

Customized SEO Reporting

While we love diving into spreadsheets and tables, we know CMOs and Marketing Directors have full schedules. That’s why we tailor our SEO reporting to meet your team’s unique needs, focusing on the data you care about in a way that works with you.

Whether it’s tracking specific keywords, monitoring shifts in traffic, conversion rates, or just a concise rundown on what’s working, what’s not, and the next steps—we ensure it’s presented in a format that lets you easily gauge the impact of SEO efforts on business outcomes and provides actionable insights for strategic decision-making.

B2B SEO Search Engine Optimization

A customized approach to SEO reporting empowers businesses to adapt strategies based on their unique performance indicators and continually refine their online presence for optimal results.

B2B SEO Reporting

SEO Transparency:

No Secrets, Just Strategic Excellence

There’s no magic here. While we utilize various platforms and AI tools, there are no secret processes or tactics up our sleeves. We are genuinely eager to openly share our comprehensive knowledge of SEO with your team. The bottom line is that successful SEO outcomes stem from meticulous research conducted by a seasoned professional who understands where to focus, followed by strategic decision-making and thorough and consistent implementation.

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