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Subsurface, a technical conference delving into the forefront of innovations within the open data lakehouse ecosystem, gathers technology leaders from renowned companies like Apple, Wayfair, Shell, TransUnion, Pinterest, and Shopify. These leaders share their invaluable experiences in architecting and constructing modern cloud data lakehouses. LaunchSnap was asked to rebrand the conference to give it an edgy, modern flair.

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Subsurface b2b event logo mobile

“As a CMO of high growth divisions of household brands like Cisco as well as unicorns like Dremio, I’ve had the privilege of working with some of the world’s best creative agencies. However, LaunchSnap stands apart for me. When rebranding our annual conference and community in a very crowded category, they didn’t just bring design expertise; they brought a rare combination of fantastic instincts and the pragmatism to realize both an authentic and differentiated look very fast. This has made them my “go to” creative agency, no matter what stage the company is.”

Crafting a Distinctive Visual Language for the Event

We began by reimagining the event’s core visual identity. This led to the creation of a dynamic new logo, a vibrant color palette, and distinctive fonts and graphic motifs. These elements were seamlessly integrated across various platforms, from the website to social images and event swag. Our goal was to strike a balance between creativity and authenticity, ensuring the rebrand not only captures attention but also aligns with the forward-thinking spirit of the conference. Learn more about how we create exceptional branding >

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Transformative Web Design:

Adapting to Every Event Phase

The website had to fulfill a multitude of purposes, seamlessly transitioning from a basic one-page save-the-date and call-for-speakers platform to an event signup hub highlighting speakers and agendas. Post-event, it transformed into a portal for on-demand video content. By carefully considering all potential use cases from the outset, we crafted a user experience that flowed seamlessly across these diverse functionalities. Learn more about our website design process >

Subsurface b2b event website design
Subsurface b2b event website design mobile
Subsurface b2b event website design preregistration