Directbooks Company Launch

Nine global financial institutions partnered to develop DirectBooks to improve the primary issuance process for fixed income instruments. DirectBooks is a SaaS platform that optimizes primary issuance by creating efficient, accurate and trackable workflows and allocation processes across a critical mass of transactions on a global scale. LaunchSnap was hired to align executives from each bank on their vision and messaging for the company, as well as to create a timeless brand identity.

Services Provided
Directbooks b b logo design
Directbooks b b logo design mobile
Directbooks b b brand messaging
Directbooks b b brand messaging mobile

“There is so much to do when launching a new company and LaunchSnap proved to be an invaluable partner to meet our branding needs. The team took the time to not only understand who we are as a company but also where we were in the journey, and tailored their service accordingly. I appreciate how flexible, patient, and efficient they were while creating the DirectBooks brand identity, website, and marketing materials.”

Directbooks b b infographic
Directbooks b2b infographic mobile
Directbooks b2b brand identity
Directbooks b2b brand identity mobile

Aligning Dozens of Executives on Core Messaging

The biggest challenge in this project was to align executives from each of the nine international banks on core messaging. Following a series of one-on-one interviews with key stakeholders, we presented a preliminary draft of the messaging to the broader group of roughly 25 executives. Through a sequence of virtual workshops, this messaging was further refined to achieve concise yet powerful communication points. Learn more about how we develop messaging >

Messaging included:
  • Tagline
  • Mission & positioning statements
  • Industry opportunity statement
  • Elevator pitches
  • Clarified brand pillars & proof points
  • Guidance to navigate legal language
  • Audiences and barriers to adoption
Directbooks b2b messaging
Directbooks b2b messaging mobile
Directbooks b2b messaging mobile2
Directbooks b2b website
Directbooks b2b website mobile

Rising to the Challenge:

A 4-Week Project Turnaround

Initially, we suggested completing the entire project within a 6-week timeframe. However, they challenged us to condense it into just 4 weeks. Undeterred, we embraced the challenge, meticulously crafting an ambitious timeline that outlined precisely how we would achieve this goal. Remarkably, we not only accepted but met every delivery date along the way.

Directbooks b2b project timeline
Directbooks b2b project timeline mobile

“I really enjoyed working with LaunchSnap – they did a great job working with a diverse group of people and getting everyone to consensus on a really cool-looking branding strategy. Everything they produced was high-quality and I would definitely recommend LaunchSnap to others!”