Change Logic Website & Content Strategy

The Change Logic website was strategically crafted to serve various objectives. Utilizing compelling CTAs, targeted content, and user-friendly forms, we implemented effective lead generating strategies. Clear and detailed information, accompanied by multimedia elements, was employed to showcase the company’s core services and highlight their distinct value proposition. To establish credibility, each service and industry vertical was supported by case studies, client testimonials, awards, and related content and articles. Furthermore, we positioned the core leadership as thought leaders, emphasizing publications and industry recognition.

Services Provided

“LaunchSnap has been instrumental in our taking a significant step forward in the professionalism of our marketing. I am particularly proud of the website and the stylish content, reports, and eBooks we have produced. The claiming of the #1 SEO ranking for ambidextrous organization was also very gratifying. Thank you so much for this help.”

Changelogic b2b website design
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Changelogic b2b website design services mobile

Rich Snippet SEO Strategy

This SEO foundation of the website enabled us to secure rankings for numerous Google Rich Snippets. Through inventive strategies like skyscraper pages, an industry terms dictionary, and diverse rich content, we successfully targeted and ranked for multiple rich snippets, including two directly related to the company’s key services. Over the past year, the top three rich snippets the website achieved brought in more than 100,000 impressions and 2,000 clicks. Learn more about how we achieve SEO results like these >

Over the past year, the top three rich snippets the website achieved brought in more than

100,000 impressions 
2,000 clicks
Changelogic b2b seo clicks
Changelogic b2b seo rich snippets
Changelogic b2b seo rich snippet

Building Thought Leadership Through eBooks

Collaborating with ChangeLogic, we crafted numerous ebooks with the aim of fostering trust, building credibility, and nurturing relationships with their audience. These ebooks provide comprehensive insights, industry expertise, and solutions to address the challenges faced by their target audience. Beyond serving as effective lead generation tools, the ebooks played a pivotal role in positioning the company as a thought leader, contributing to a cohesive and strengthened brand identity.

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Crafting Change Logic’s Dynamic Social Presence

After assessing key competitors, we developed a distinctive strategy to distinguish Change Logic in the digital landscape. Leveraging multiple accounts across various platforms, we designed a synchronized social media calendar aligned with content campaigns and the overarching marketing strategy. Our posts featured a diverse range of content formats, including static images, carousels, videos, and animations, covering areas such as events, industry terms, team updates, promotions, surveys, polls, publications, collaborations, and press releases.

Changelogic b2b social media
Changelogic b2b social media media