Alphawave Semi Rebrand

Alphawave Semi provides IP and custom silicon solutions to meet the needs of global tier-one customers in data centers, compute, networking, AI, 5G, and autonomous vehicles. After acquiring a new company that dramatically changed their company offerings, they engaged Launch Snap to do a complete brand refresh including naming, messaging and brand identity.

Services Provided
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“LaunchSnap exceeded our expectations in redefining Alphawave Semi’s brand. Their strategic approach to naming, branding, messaging, and design resulted in a seamlessly integrated brand that stands out in the market and effectively communicates our expanded offerings to our target audience.”

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“Launch Snap’s remarkable speed and efficiency in unifying Alphawave Semi’s team stood out during our brand refresh. Their expertise in branding, messaging, and design, coupled with a creative approach, expedited the process seamlessly.”

Evolution through Refreshed Messaging

With the acquisition of a new company and products, coupled with a move to publicly traded markets, refreshing AlphaWave Semi’s brand messaging became a strategic necessity to establish a unified identity. This process aimed to ensure consistency and clarity in communication, harmonizing the narrative for both existing and newly acquired stakeholders. The revamped messaging not only reflected the company’s evolution but also bolstered its market position, fostering trust and understanding among customers, employees, investors, and partners. Learn more about branding and messaging > 

Messaging included:
  • Tagline
  • Mission & positioning statements
  • Audiences
  • Elevator pitches
  • Brand pillars & proof points
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Merging Two Companies into One Website

The primary challenge for the website involved seamlessly merging the content of two companies to create a unified feel. We tackled this by harnessing an intuitive user interface, incorporating robust mega-menus, and making creative design decisions. The goal was to guide visitors effortlessly to the information they sought with minimal clicks. Noteworthy features of the site include a resource library that is both searchable and filterable, along with a dynamically updated investors section providing up-to-the-minute financials. Learn more about our website design and development services >

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“LaunchSnap skillfully managed the integration of our captivating new brand along with the content of two distinct websites into one cohesive platform, simplifying what could have been a complex process. The new site is not only a unified representation of our brand but also very user-friendly and easy to maintain, streamlining our web management and enhancing our team’s efficiency.