GaN Systems Global Branding

Central to GaN Systems’ marketing strategy was a versatile, multilingual website (English, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese). This platform efficiently served various objectives, encompassing SEO optimization, linking articles, announcements, and press releases to social media content, lead generation through Hubspot-integrated marketing automation, and offering dynamic tools to educate and guide users in the decision-making process. Notable features comprised online simulation tools, filterable content such as papers and applications, and a dynamic “where to buy” section.

Services Provided
Netty Winner BBB

Award Winning SEO Strategy

We are proud recipients of a prestigious Netty Award in Digital Marketing for ‘The Best SEO-Centric Content Strategy’  in recognition of our work with GaN Systems, a semiconductor company. Our results were impressive and included:

  • Attaining first-page ranking for every single keyword on the client’s wish list
  • Increasing impressions by 360%
  • Boosting clicks by 250%
  • Securing multiple rich snippets
  • Dramatically increasing qualified leads

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Gansystems b2b website design development
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“Collaboration with LaunchSnap is a fantastic experience, a true partner. Their service level, quality level and innovativeness is spectacular. In a world where words matter, visuals are critical and messaging is key, LaunchSnap truly understood our business and our markets to capture the audience we needed for success. They knew where I wanted to go and in many instances was one step ahead of me.”

Integrated Campaigns for Lead Generation

Collaborating with Trier & Company, we crafted cohesive, multi-channel campaigns integrating high-value content such as ebooks or webinars, which, upon submission of a form, served as a lead generating tool. This content was further repurposed into articles and blog posts for extended SEO reach. Leveraging paid advertising, Google Ads, and Social Media (including Chinese platforms like WeChat), we directed traffic to these assets. Leads were seamlessly funneled into automated nurturing sequences, with qualified prospects seamlessly handed off to the sales team. Learn more about our lead gen programs > 

Gansystems b2b digital marketing campaign
Gansystems b2b digital marketing campaign mobile
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gansystems b2b marketing campaign posters mobile

Crafting Cohesive Brand Identity

The establishment of a unified brand identity is evident in the thoughtfully crafted social media images utilized to promote press releases, articles, application announcements, events, partnerships, and other content. Through innovative design, we efficiently repurposed these images with minimal production effort for various purposes, including email marketing, Chinese social channels like WeChat, homepage sliders, and featured images for articles.

Gansystems b2b social media
Gansystems b2b social media mobile

SEO: 250% More Clicks

At the outset of our collaboration, we assisted GaN Systems in pinpointing target keywords. Initially scattered on the second, third, or fourth pages of search results, by the end of our partnership, every single keyword secured a spot in Google’s coveted first page. Notably, we witnessed a remarkable 360% increase in impressions and a substantial 250% surge in clicks. Learn more about how we achieve SEO results >

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Gansystems b2b seo impressions
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Amplifying GaN Systems’ Event Presence

Tradeshows offer a prime opportunity for networking, lead generation, and presenting products and services to a targeted audience. To maximize GaN Systems’ presence, we ensured their booth stood out prominently with a large aerial unit upon entering the venue. Captivating graphics were strategically employed to enhance brand equity, attract the ideal audience, and amplify the company’s impact at industry events. Additionally, key statistics were prominently displayed, ensuring that the value propositions for target verticals were unmissable.

Gansystems b2b tradeshow booth
Gansystems b2b tradeshow booth design

“Infineon Technologies, the German semiconductor giant, acquired GaN Systems for a notable $830 million USD, with marketing success consistently acknowledged as a pivotal factor in its attractiveness.”