Mirren Direct Brand & SaaS Platform Reimagined

Designed specifically for agency account and pitch teams, MirrenDirect is an on-demand training platform. They provide the skills to more effectively lead clients, become indispensable strategic partners, and generate organic growth. LaunchSnap was enlisted to completely revamp the platform, including its form, functionality, overall brand, and marketing strategy.

Services Provided
Mirren b2b logo design
Mirren b2b logo icon mobile
Mirren b2b logo design mobile

“LaunchSnap led us beyond a mere visual overhaul of MirrenDirect, our on-demand training platform. They helped us completely elevate our online training experience – one of the most important aspects of our business. In addition to a new brand identity, the sophisticated site design not only looks fantastic but enhances the overall user experience, making MirrenDirect a go-to platform for agency account and pitch teams.”

Analysis to Aesthetics: A Comprehensive SaaS Platform Makeover

We began by evaluating the existing platform, identifying its strengths, weaknesses, and missing functions. Following this analysis, we crafted wireframes to outline the ideal user experience and desired functionalities. This led to the development of a comprehensive functional specification, empowering the client to issue an RFP for development agencies. Lastly, we explored options for a fresh design aesthetic that would also define a new logo as well as brand style. The final design not only looked great, it improved the user experience and enhanced the application’s inviting and engaging qualities.

Mirren b2b mobile responsive design
Mirren b2b desktop app dashboard 1
Mirren b2b desktop app video
Mirren b2b desktop app search

Expanding the New Brand Identity

Once we solidified the visual identity of the new platform, the brand quickly took shape. Unlike a conventional style guide focusing solely on colors and fonts, we needed to include styles for grids, icons, and interactive elements like dropdown menus, tabs, and accordions.

Mirren b2b user interface design fields
Mirren b2b user interface design fields mobile
Mirren b2b user interface design
Mirren b2b user interface design mobile

A Marketing Website Built for Connection and Conversions

The final step was distilling all of our knowledge of our target users and everything we had created to meet their needs into a captivating marketing website designed to resonate with our target audiences and drive conversions. We quickly established credibility, clearly communicated who can benefit from the platform, and highlighted its functionality and what set it apart from competitors. Learn more about how we create websites >

Mirren b2b website design2
Mirren b2b website design mobile home2
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