How to Choose a B2B Website Design Agency

Choosing the right B2B website design agency can be daunting, with marketing teams under immense pressure to select an agency that aligns with their project’s scope and effectively manages its intricacies. Balancing expectations—delivering a website that beautifully extends your brand, functions optimally, stays on budget, and is completed on time—can be nerve-wracking. This article aims to demystify the process, helping you make a well-informed decision that satisfies all stakeholders.

how to choose a b2b website design agency

As a seasoned B2B website design agency, we understand the complexities of business-to-business dynamics from multiple perspectives. Not only have we designed and built hundreds of custom websites, but we have also guided our clients through the hiring process when their needs extend beyond our expertise or we need a custom skillset. This dual role of both being hired and helping hire has equipped us with a comprehensive understanding of what businesses truly need from their design partners.

In this article, we’ll share our expertise to help you navigate the selection process for a design agency with confidence. We’ll outline how the process generally works and the key factors to consider, ensuring you make a well-informed decision that aligns with your business goals. Whether you’re looking to revamp your online presence or create a new website from scratch, knowing what to look for in a B2B web design agency is the first step toward achieving your strategic objectives.

Quickly Assessing a B2B Website Design Agency’s Aesthetics

Whether you were referred to a web design agency or discovered them through your own research, the initial step should involve a quick review of their portfolio. This might seem to put form before function, but making sure a web design agency’s aesthetic is inline with your own from the beginning will save you time.

While designs can vary significantly, each agency has a distinct style that you can assess in a matter of minutes. For example, at LaunchSnap, we gravitate towards bold, uncluttered designs, with fonts that are easily readable for someone over 45, along with plenty of whitespace. If you take 1-2 minutes to click through our work, you’ll quickly get that sense.

So take a minute to review a website design agency’s portfolio. If you are looking at their projects and you don’t like most of what you see, they probably aren’t a fit. You can cross them off your list right away and look at other options.

You’ll see that we’re going to recommend a deeper dive into a web agencies portfolio later on in the process to get a deeper sense of their work. However, at this point, this should be a very fast review to see if you even want to move forward with the vetting process.

Making Contact with B2B Website Design Agencies

After narrowing down your list of potential agencies, the next step is to reach out to them. The way an agency handles new inquiries can provide significant insight into their professionalism and communication style.

Here are some key aspects to evaluate when making initial contact:

  • Response Time: How quickly does the agency respond to your inquiry? A prompt response often indicates good client service and reflects their dedication to potential projects. If you start off with delays and apologies, you can generally expect that throughout your project as well.
  • Responder’s Role: Who is the first point of contact at the agency? Whether it’s a salesperson, a project manager, a senior team member, or even the founder can tell you a lot about the agency’s operating structure and the importance they place on new clients.
  • Communication Style: Evaluate how they choose to communicate. Do they send a detailed email asking clarifying questions about your project, or do they prefer to schedule a call or a meeting to discuss details in depth? This can indicate their preferred method of communication and level of engagement. Does their method of communication align with what you want in a design partner?
  • Availability for Meetings: If a meeting is offered, consider the scheduling options they provide. Are they flexible and eager to accommodate your timeline, or are meetings scheduled far out? This can give you an indication of their current workload and responsiveness.
  • Quality of Interaction: Assess the quality of your initial interactions. Are they merely transactional, or do they show genuine interest in understanding your business and its needs? This can be a critical indicator of how they will handle project management and client relations throughout your project.

Pre-Call Preparation Tips

To make the most of your first call, it’s important to come prepared with clear information and specific questions. Here’s how you can prepare:

Know Your Timeline:

Have a clear understanding of when you would like your website to go live. Consider any major events, product launches, or business milestones that your website needs to align with. Sharing a realistic timeline helps set expectations and allows the agency to assess their capability to meet your deadlines.

Tip #1: Holidays

If you are starting in the fall, be sure to consider holiday schedules

Set Your Budget:

Determine a budget range for your website project before the call. Knowing your financial parameters will guide the conversation towards solutions that are feasible within your budget. It also helps the agency tailor their services to what you can afford.

Tip #2: Budget Transparency

We know it might seem counterintuitive to be the first one to name a price, but being transparent about your budget will save you time and frustration.

Define Your Involvement Level:

Reflect on how involved you want to be in the website design and development process. Are you looking to have regular check-ins and approvals, or would you prefer to give the agency more creative freedom? Additionally, decide how much ongoing involvement you plan to have in maintaining the website. This can influence the tools and content management system (CMS) the agency might recommend.

Understand Your Needs and Goals:

Clearly articulate what you want your website to achieve. Are you focusing on lead generation, brand awareness, e-commerce, or providing information? Knowing your primary goals can help the agency suggest the best strategies and technologies.

Understand Your Functional Requirements:

Clarify any special functionalities your website needs. Consider third-party integrations (like CRMs and APIs), advanced features (such as interactive libraries, real-time data, or custom calculators), user interaction elements (forums, live chat, etc.), scalability for future growth, and any specific compliance and security needs. Documenting these details will ensure the agency can accommodate all technical and functional demands of your project and avoid scope (and cost) creep.

What to Discuss During Your First Call with a B2B Website Design Agency

The goal of this call is to get a better understanding of their experience and project management style to ensure they align with your business needs. Start by asking if they specialize in B2B design and inquire about their familiarity with your industry, as these insights reveal their capability to handle specific business-to-business challenges. Also, understanding who will manage your project, their role in the agency, and how the team communicates during the project will give you a clear picture of the workflow and whether their process fits your company’s operational style.

Furthermore, make sure you discuss your list of technical requirements. Ask about their design and development process, the content management system (CMS) they recommend, and additional services like SEO and copywriting. For those updating an existing website, it’s vital to inquire about how they handle the transition, including content migration and SEO retention.

Observing how engaged and adaptable the agency is during your interaction can also provide valuable context about their service quality and how well they grasp your project’s specific requirements. These discussions and observations will collectively guide you in choosing an agency that not only meets your technical needs but also aligns well with your business’s culture and communication style.

For a complete list of questions to ask during your first call, read our article “20+ Questions to Ask B2B Website Design Agency.

Tip #3: Say No to the Yes Man

Note whether the agency is asking intelligent questions or just saying yes, yes, yes to everything. They are the experts…what are they bringing to the table?

How to Evaluate Agency Proposals

After your initial call, you’ll likely have a clearer idea of which design agencies you’re interested in receiving proposals from. When you receive these proposals, it’s important to consider several key aspects:

Quality of Communication:

Reflect on how the agency has communicated with you up to this point. Did they meet the timeline they set for delivering the proposal? This can indicate their reliability and professionalism.

Attentiveness and Understanding:

Assess whether the proposal reflects a good understanding of your needs. This shows whether they were truly listening during your conversations and whether they are capable of tailoring their services to meet your requirements.

Proposal Details:

  • Scope of Services: Check if the proposal clearly outlines what they will deliver and the process they will follow.
  • Budget: Ensure that the proposed cost aligns with your budget.
  • Timeline: Evaluate whether the timeline meets your project deadlines and fits within your schedule.

Review Work and Case Studies:

If the proposal includes specific work samples or case studies, examine them thoroughly to gauge the agency’s expertise and quality of work. If no samples are included, revisit their website to review their portfolio. Here’s what to look for:

  • Demonstration of Expertise: Are the showcased websites intuitive, well-designed, and of high quality? Look for a clear visual hierarchy, logical content progression, and modern design that seems likely to remain appealing over time.
  • Use of Design Elements: Notice how effectively they use typography, color schemes, and imagery. Good design should offer a unique user experience and stand out from competitors.
  • Variety and Versatility: Determine if their portfolio shows a range of projects, indicating their ability to tackle diverse design challenges and potentially other services you may be interested in such as content strategy, advanced SEO, or marketing campaigns.
  • Outcome Focused: Look for evidence of goal achievement in their case studies, such as increased traffic, improved lead generation, and return on investment. Remember, your website has an important job to play at your company….it needs to do more than look pretty.
  • Client Feedback and Engagement: Check if there are testimonials or feedback from past clients included. If these are lacking, consider requesting referrals to validate their client service experience.

Tip #4: It’s About You

A good proposal will include a significant amount of content that is specific to you and your project. If the proposal looks like a template with no customization, move on.

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Final Thoughts

Choosing the right B2B web design agency involves a comprehensive understanding of their capabilities, communication style, and how well they align with your specific needs. From the initial assessment of an agency’s portfolio to ensure their design aesthetics align with your vision, to detailed inquiries about their experience and technical expertise during initial calls, each step is critical. Ensure you discuss key elements such as project management, team composition, and their approach to design and development, which can significantly impact the success of your project.

After these discussions, evaluate their proposals carefully. A good proposal should not only reflect a clear understanding of your project requirements but also demonstrate the agency’s commitment to quality and detail. Check for their communication efficacy, how well they’ve understood your needs, and the completeness of their service scope.

Remember, the right agency will offer not just a contract but a collaborative partnership that aligns with your business objectives and contributes to your strategic goals. This approach ensures that you select a web design agency that is not only technically proficient but also a perfect fit for your company’s culture and business strategy.

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