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Christie Wood

Website Development & Programming

CSS Conjurer: Crafts pixel-perfect styles with a wave of the CSS wand, making layout issues vanish into thin air.

As the lead developer at LaunchSnap, Christie specializes in comprehensive front-end and back-end development to craft seamless digital experiences. With expertise in WordPress, CSS, JavaScript, PHP/MySQL, and a knack for plugin and theme development, Christie has successfully executed projects for prominent clients such as Lax World, Gear Wrench, DHL Global Mail, and Johns Hopkins International.

Armed with a degree in Imaging and Digital Arts from the University of Maryland, Christie brings over 20 years of industry experience. She is passionate about converting complex designs into fully functional websites, embracing each project’s unique challenges to ensure pixel-perfect results. Known at LaunchSnap as the go-to problem solver, Christie’s commitment to the highest web standards ensures that all projects are not only visually appealing but also responsive and SEO-friendly.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Christie enjoys spending time with her four pet ducks: Ruby, Kitty, Duchess, and Mr. Blue, which adds a charming dimension to her creative persona. Christie Wood is truly a distinctive force at LaunchSnap, blending technical expertise with her unique flair to propel our clients’ digital success.