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Marketing Automation

Chaos Coordinator: Turns disorder into order with the wave of a hand, orchestrating the myriad moving parts of any tech stack with symphonic precision.

Clare is the go-to HubSpot and marketing automation wizard at LaunchSnap, renowned for her unrivaled expertise and innovative problem-solving skills. When faced with questions that even HubSpot can’t answer, Clare is the one who either has the solutions at her fingertips or can unravel them with her analytical prowess. She excels in helping clients unlock the full potential of marketing automation, guiding them through the most efficient setups to meet their specific objectives. Crafting a 50-step workflow is all in a day’s work for Clare, showcasing her exceptional ability to manage complex systems with unparalleled ease. Her proficiency also extends to seamlessly integrating HubSpot with Salesforce, ensuring smooth operations and data coherence between the two platforms.

Clare’s journey into the realm of marketing automation was a gradual evolution driven by her ambition to become an indispensable part of any team. Describing herself as a “professional problem solver,” she relishes the opportunity to tackle challenging puzzles daily, turning intricate problems into streamlined, effective solutions.

Beyond her professional life, Clare carries a unique personal legacy; the first image ever transmitted over television waves was of her great, great aunt, marking an intriguing connection to historical technological milestones. This blend of personal heritage and professional expertise makes Clare not just an invaluable asset to LaunchSnap, but also a fascinating individual with deep ties to the progress of communication technology.