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Jude Smith


Opportunity Oracle: Foresees market trends with the accuracy of a seasoned soothsayer, navigating the team through the maze of business opportunities with an uncanny knack for success.

Jude Smith is a distinguished business leader, entrepreneur, and educator with a comprehensive background in business development, marketing, and product innovation. Her career is marked by her role as a pivotal figure at LaunchSnap, where she has been instrumental in driving the company’s direction and scaling teams to foster growth and innovation. Jude’s approach is deeply rooted in collaboration and strategic partnerships, leveraging her vast expertise in internet business development and omni-channel marketing strategies to create mutual success.

With a profound ability to lead multidisciplinary teams, Jude has made significant contributions in Silicon Valley, spearheading efforts in product development, digital marketing, and software development. Her entrepreneurial journey includes the creation of multiple startup businesses funded with her own capital, demonstrating her dedication and passion for building and empowering innovative platforms. Jude’s exceptional skills in negotiation and understanding complex revenue share models have enabled her to create win-win situations, further highlighting her proficiency in business strategy.

Jude has also made notable contributions in operational aspects, having developed comprehensive systems for large online eTail companies, including customer relationship management (CRM), supply chain, customer support, and various marketing teams. Her customer-centered approach focuses on revenue-based innovation, integrating SEO/SEM strategies, content monetization, and innovative platform creation, which collectively empower teams to maximize revenue and impact.

Her recent completion of the 2023 Inner MBA underscores her commitment to conscious leadership and business development, dedicating herself to developing inner competencies that affect her interactions, approach to business, and balance between people and profit. This dedication to personal growth and leadership development has been pivotal in her engagements, fostering a culture of creativity, collaboration, and deep communication.

Jude’s commitment to mentoring extends beyond her professional engagements. She has been a guiding force for business owners through acquisitions, scaling, and partnerships, demonstrating her passion for lifting others. Her experience as a professor at The Art Institute of San Francisco and The Art Academy of San Francisco in entrepreneurship, digital marketing, and business development has allowed her to share her wealth of knowledge and inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs.

In summary, Jude Smith’s comprehensive experience, combined with her entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to conscious leadership, make her a strategic asset to LaunchSnap and a role model in the business community. Her mission to inspire and engage others through creativity and collaboration continues to impact the industry, making her a beacon of innovation and growth.

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