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Development & Research

Project Powerhouse: Moves through complex tasks like a juggernaut, turning daunting to-do lists into triumphs of efficiency and detail.

Kathleen is a dynamic and versatile member of the LaunchSnap team, known for her methodical approach and exceptional attention to detail. Specializing in website development, research, and comprehensive audits, she has an unparalleled ability to power through projects, regardless of their complexity or size. Kathleen’s work ethic is often described as ‘freight train-like,’ especially when faced with tasks that would daunt others, such as sifting through 10,000 line items to ensure perfection and accuracy.

Her most notable projects include the redesign of and her significant contributions to LaunchSnap’s multi-language website projects. These endeavors not only showcase her technical prowess but also her enjoyment in tackling challenges that foster her creativity and learning. Kathleen’s journey into digital marketing stemmed from her desire for a role offering both flexibility and the opportunity to grow. She thrives on the autonomy her position provides, along with the endless opportunities to acquire new skills and insights in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Beyond her professional achievements, Kathleen harbors a unique and artistic side; she crafts jewelry in her downtime, a testament to her creativity and precision. Additionally, she boasts a memorable experience of dancing in the 1999 Citrus Bowl Half Time Show alongside Charlie Daniels – an event made even more special with Tom Brady quarterbacking and Michigan clinching the win. Kathleen’s diverse talents and experiences make her an invaluable asset to LaunchSnap, exemplifying the blend of technical expertise, continuous learning, and personal flair that defines our team.