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Graphics Guru: Turns ordinary messages into extraordinary visual experiences, ensuring every design not only looks beautiful but also drives engagement.

Kay, a pivotal graphic designer at LaunchSnap, masterfully integrates visual creativity with the agency’s data-driven marketing strategies. Transitioning from marketing and communications to a BFA in Digital Arts, her journey has uniquely positioned her to create designs that are aesthetically pleasing yet strategically effective. Her tenure as a Communications Director, combined with her hands-on experience, has honed her ability to develop clear, compelling visuals that adhere to and enhance a brand’s identity while effectively communicating with the target audience.

Her designs are informed by a deep understanding of marketing principles, ensuring each piece not only stands out visually but also aligns perfectly with strategic goals. Kay is known for her ability to manage multiple projects efficiently, delivering innovative and impactful designs swiftly. Beyond graphic design, Kay’s lifelong passion for dance adds a layer of rhythm and expressiveness to her work, reflecting in the dynamic and engaging designs she creates for LaunchSnap and its clients.