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Kristin Kiser

Digital Marketing

Strategy Sage: Crafts business strategies with the wisdom of an ancient oracle, ensuring every move is two steps ahead of the market.

Kristin’s knack for meticulous organization and detail-oriented execution, makes her an indispensable member of team LaunchSnap. Her legendary habit of taking detailed, hand-written notes during every client meeting ensures no detail is missed, and her ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously without dropping the ball has made her indispensable to our clients.

With 20+ years leading both in-house and client teams, and a multi-disciplinary background spanning blue chip media companies to early-stage start-ups, Kristin is the go-to person for marketing strategy, leading brainstorming sessions with a seemingly never-ending supply of innovative ideas.

In her pivotal role, she is also in charge of reporting and analysis, adept at digging into mountains of data and analytics to return with the most usable nuggets to guide marketing strategy. She oversees marketing communications for all clients, handling everything from marketing automation to email to social media strategies. Kristin excels in devising lead generation and ABM strategies that not only meet but exceed expectations. Her tenacity, analytical skills, and results-driven approach make her a valued leader at LaunchSnap, thriving in the dynamic marketing environment and consistently delivering impactful solutions that contribute significantly to the business’s bottom line.

Based in the heart of Silicon Valley, you can find Kristin hiking with her husband and rescue dog, Eliza, when she isn’t working.

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